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Le doctorat en psychologie s’associe à l’Institut des sciences cognitives (ISC) de l’UQAM pour offrir à ses étudiants une concentration à l’issue de laquelle une attestation de troisième cycle en sciences cognitives est délivrée à l’étudiant, en sus de son diplôme de doctorat. La concentration comporte neuf crédits.

Psychology researcher in Montreal?
Department of Psychology, University of Montreal
Department of Psychology, Université de Montréal/Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

What exactly is a psychologist?
Psychologists are the highest authority for nominations and delegations to the Director of Human Resources. The Psychologist is the doctor’s authority.

What are the advantages of a PhD in Psychology?
Higher Diploma in Psychology qualification, PhD qualification in Psychology. Professional exercise in diverse settings including clinics, universities, and research laboratories.

What courses are offered at the University of Quebec?
Letters and social communication.
Marketing and information systems.
Mathematics and Computer Science.
Speech therapy.
Philosophy and art.
Psychoeducation and social work.

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