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What programs is St. Mary’s University known for?
Courses include: Biology, Business Transfer, Education (Primary), English, General Studies, History, General Education and Psychology. Courses are transferable to undergraduate and professional programs at other universities in Alberta and outside its borders. A sense of community is a defining characteristic of St. Louis.

What courses does Saint Mary’s University offer?
We offer a range of academic courses in the humanities, sciences and business, as well as options for postgraduate, PhD and law degrees. Our students receive learning and networking opportunities through undergraduate research, internships and community involvement.

Why choose Saint Mary’s University?
quality education
When you choose Saint Mary’s University, you choose a university with an exceptional ability to engage students, deliver outstanding teaching, provide vibrant learning communities and achieve successful outcomes.

Is Saint Mary’s University good?
University groups describe Saint Mary’s as one of the top universities in sport and exercise science. Other notable rankings include: Awarded Ofsted Outstanding Ranking from 2021.

Is University of Mary a good school?
Mary University is ranked 331-440 out of 443 national universities. Schools are ranked based on performance on a range of widely accepted indicators of excellence.

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