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Order London City & Guilds Commercial & Industrial Electrical fake certificate online, how to get London City & Guilds fake diploma, London City & Guilds fake certificate sample, get London City & Guilds fake diploma sample fast, where to buy London & Guilds business & industrial electrical fake certificate sample,Founded in 1854, the City and Guilds College of Art was one of the first government design schools in Kennington, South London. It was originally named Lambeth College of Art and was established to provide training in sculpture, modeling and architectural decoration. In 1879, the art school began a close partnership with the city’s guilds. This continued until 1971 when the Art School became an independent charity. The School of Art focuses on undergraduate and postgraduate study in fine art, stone and wood sculpture, and the conservation of three-dimensional cultural artefacts, books and paper. City Guilds maintains links with art schools through philanthropic grant support for Widening Participation Events programs.

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Level 1 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 1: Equivalent to 3 or 4 GCSE (grades between D and G) is an entry-level qualification. Covering the learning of routine tasks and application of simple, basic knowledge

Level 2 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 2: Equivalent to 4 or 5 GCSE (grades between A* and C) is a little more advanced qualification. Involves more complex work and a deeper understanding of the subject. It involves greater responsibility and teamwork

Level 3 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 3: Is equivalent of 2 A Levels, this level involves greater responsibility and autonomy. This level still requires supervision

Level 4 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 4: Represents a Higher Education Certificate or a BTEC.
  • This level provides deeper learning on the subject and supervision should be minimal.

Level 5 NVQ

  • NVQ Level 5: Represents a Higher Education Diploma or a Foundation Degree.
  • This level prepares you for senior management.

Level 6 NVQ

  • For senior managers.  Graduateship (GCGI), Associateship (ACGI). This is a Graduate qualification.

Level 7 NVQ

  • For senior managers  Membership (MCGI), Master Professional, Diploma. This is a Postgraduate qualification.

Level 8 NVQ

  • As high as you can go with the NVQ system  Fellowship (FCGI). This is a Doctoral qualification.

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