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Are AQA and CIE the same?
For A Level exams, there are many exam boards such as CIE, OCR, Edexcel, AQA, etc. ‘CIE A Level’ refers to Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) A Level and ‘UK A Level’ is the collective term for Edexcel, AQA, OCR and all other UK Examination Board A Levels except CIE.

Is AQA a qualification?
AQA also offers the AQA Bachelor, a qualification also available to Year 12 and Year 13 students, which includes the study of three A-Levels, an extension project and extra-curricular enrichment activities. AQA is the largest GCSE and GCE A Level examination board in England.

Are AQA and Oxford AQA the same?
OxfordAQA is a partnership between Oxford University Press (a division of Oxford University) and AQA, by far the largest provider of GCSEs and A-levels in the UK. So while you may be just getting to know us, no one can bring the richer educational expertise to help you develop a love of learning in your students.

What is an AQA certificate?
The AQA L1/L2 certificate is strictly equivalent to a full GCSE course and requires 120-140 hours of guided study time. Level 1 is achieved with grades G(g) to D(d) and Level 2 is achieved with grades C(c) to A*(a*).

What is the AQA exam board?
1992. JMB merged with the Northern Examinations Association to form the Northern Examinations and Assessment Board (NEAB), which merged with AEB in April 2000 to create England’s largest federation of examination board assessment and qualifications. We are now simply called AQA.

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From 2017, some GCSE grades changed from letters to numbers with new subjects added to the new grading system every year.

Does AQA offer Igcse?
AQA Level 1/Level 2 Certificate (IGCSE) result statement. IGCSE is a registered trademark of Cambridge University International Examinations. IGCSE is a registered trademark of Cambridge University International Examinations.

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