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Philosophy (PhD) McMaster’s doctoral program in philosophy offers courses of study leading to the degree of PhD in philosophy. The program’s fundamental aims are to develop in students the research capabilities required of professional philosophers and to qualify students to teach philosophy at university level.

What is a PhD in Philosophy?
The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree implies mastery of a broad discipline of study, as well as demonstrated ability in a specific area of that discipline. In addition to the common requirements below, doctoral candidates must complete additional requirements specified by their program.

How long does the McMaster MD PhD program take?
7 years
Educational and research training begins on day one and continues throughout the 7-year program.

Does McMaster have a PhD?
The DeGroot PhD in Business Administration program provides students with the opportunity to study and conduct cutting-edge research alongside some of the top researchers in their fields.

How competitive is a PhD in philosophy?
It’s more competitive than law school, medical school, or any other school. From what I can tell, other programs have applications ranging from 150 to around 300-400. Competition is fierce everywhere.

Is a PhD in Philosophy the same as a PhD?
A PhD or Doctor of Philosophy is a specific type of doctorate that focuses on a specific field of study. It is highly theoretical and involves extensive research to generate new knowledge.

Is a Ph.D. a doctor?
To the question “Is a PhD a doctor?” the answer is yes. Professional doctorates, such as the Ph.D. and Ed.D., can earn you the title “Ph.D.” But there are differences between the types of PhD degrees. Learn more about PhD vs. non-Ph.D.

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