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How long does the KPU Post Bachelor’s Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management take?
Note: This is a two-year program, but students may choose to complete the program in an accelerated format.

What are the requirements for the KPU Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Operations and Supply Chain Management?
Entry Requirements
Successful completion of a recognized technical or scientific diploma and at least 5 years of relevant technical, scientific, operations or supply chain work experience (KPU will require a resume from these applicants for admission decisions.)

What is Kwantlen Polytechnic University known for?
KPU is home to the Melville School of Business, one of the largest undergraduate business schools in Western Canada, highly specialized and unique design programs at the Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design, research institutes dedicated to sustainable agriculture, food systems and genomics, and most …

What is the role of supply chain management courses?
Gain the knowledge you need to manage the global flow of goods and services by understanding the logistics, planning, inventory requirements, transportation, and execution behind moving products from farms and production facilities to their final destinations in warehouses and stores.

Is it worth getting a supply chain management degree in Canada?
There are abundant job opportunities for students who complete a master’s degree in supply chain management in Canada. With multiple colleges and courses available in Canada, getting a master’s degree in supply chain management in Canada is a wise choice. Many universities offer flexibility in course duration.

Is there a demand for logistics and supply chain management in Canada?
Demand for logistics and supply chain workers is high in Canada and Australia, but vacancies are rarely filled.

What GPA is required at KPU?
You meet KPU’s English proficiency requirements. You have graduated from a bachelor’s degree program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.67. Depending on your institution’s specific graduate admissions requirements, you have letters of recommendation, a resume, and/or a statement of intent.

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