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The General Certificate of Education (GCE) is an examination system of countries using English Education system. It was mainly carried out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since 1951, and later extended to the British colonies. Generally speaking, it is twice a year.How much does it cost to buy a fake GCE certificate online? Sample of fake GCE diploma

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What does GCE stand for?

The university entrance exam. The abbreviations. Gcse: Public examinations in specific subjects taken at the ages of 17 and 18 in English and Welsh schools.

What is GCE equivalent to?

GCE “A Levels” is the entry qualification for universities in the UK and many other parts of the world. The admission equivalent to the GCE in the United States is roughly equivalent to a high school diploma.


Is GCE accepted internationally?

Nigerian undergraduates wishing to go abroad are expected to obtain at least five/six credits in WAEC, including English and mathematics. Embassies also accept the National Examination Board (NECO) certificate and the General Certificate of Education (GCE), but in rare cases.

Does Canada accept GCE?

As part of the requirements for direct admission to A Canadian college or university, many academic institutions will require you to complete A GCE of at least five O-level subjects and two A-level subjects.

Is GCE accepted in the UK?

In order to be admitted to A UK university, candidates are normally expected to pass three A-level GCE exams as well as the English Language exam (English O-level) to achieve the scores required by the university they are interested in.

How does GCE A Level work?

The maximum Rank Points (RP) for a student entering a university is 90. Higher scores will put students in a better position for college admission.