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Forged degrees from Camosun College
Forged degrees from Camosun College

Is Camosun Public or private?
Camosun College is the largest public College in British Columbia and is known for providing students with a basic education in all fields.

How good is Camosun college?
It’s a great university with excellent faculty. The college’s international department is very helpful. I would really recommend this university to anyone who wants to study in Canada and create a career and life worth living.

Can you get a degree at Camosun?
What you will learn. Camosun’s General Associate of Arts degree program is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. This two-year, 20-course program will provide you with a comprehensive arts education. As a graduate, you may choose to pursue a Bachelor’s degree.

Is Camosun certified?
Camosun’s electrical and Computer Engineering technology (renewable energy) program is now the school’s first Canadian Technology Certification (TAC) program.

What is Camoson known for?
Students from around the world choose Camosun to enjoy an outstanding educational and student experience in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Camosun welcomes more than 1,200 indigenous students from aboriginal, Metis and Inuit communities and more than 2,100 international students from more than 80 countries/territories each year.

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