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Forged city and guild certificates
Forged city and guild certificates
Forged city and guild certificates

What is a City & Guilds qualification?
ILM is City & Guilds’ professional membership department dedicated to providing you with all the leadership and management skills to help you succeed. The ILM qualification is recognized worldwide as a sign of a proactive and skilled leader or manager.

What are cities and guilds about?
City & Guilds is a leading work-based credentialing authority. We offer more than 500 qualifications through 8,500 universities and training institutes in 81 countries around the world. We employ over 1,000 people and issue 1.9 million certificates each year. City & Guilds Group business.

Which is better, City and Guilds or NVQ?
Employers and professionals often prefer NVQ qualifications because they can clearly see the skills development of their employees. City & Guilds courses can take place at the workplace or at an approved centre, or both.



Does England recognise cities and guilds?
The IVQ (1106) in Teaching, Training and Assessment Learning is recognised by the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Is City and Guilds a good qualification?
The City & Guilds brand is recognized by 99% of employers. Our range of qualifications is built around the needs of employers, so your learners are well placed to find jobs with City & Guilds qualifications.

What is the maximum level of City and Guilds?
Candidates for each grade need to be ranked from highest to lowest, including failing grades. Using our example, the center has 17 candidates, and candidates are ranked in each grade, with 1 being the highest attained/safest, 2 the next highest attained/safest, and so on.

Does the University accept City and Guilds qualifications?
The City & Guilds TechBac ® has been recognised as a clear pathway to university, as UCAS awards significant entry points for Level 3 advanced qualifications in innovative study programmes for 16-18 year olds.

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