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Is Capilano University good?
Located in the North Shore Mountains and just 20 minutes from all the attractions of downtown Vancouver, Capilano University is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts and urbanites alike. Founded in 1968, the university is known for its jazz, film, animation and performing arts programs.

Is Capilano hard?
Capilano Acceptance Rate: The acceptance rate at Capilano is 23% of total applicants, indicating a highly selective admissions policy. Capilano enrolls approximately 12,700 students each year, including approximately 2,500 international students.

What GPA does Capilano need?
The minimum GPA for English Studies 12 or English 12 or English First Nations 12 and two Grade 12 academic courses is 2.0 (60%).

How do students accept an offer of admission to Capilano University?
To accept your offer of admission, you must pay a one-time deposit of $5,000 for tuition and fees by the deadline specified in your offer. Once you register for a course at CapU, this deposit will be used to cover your first semester tuition fees. Learn more about tuition and fees, fee refunds, and how to pay for them.

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