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Is York University a prestigious university?
We attract leading academics whose research brings energy and cutting-edge thinking to the teaching you will receive at York. As a member of the prestigious Russell Group of 24 leading UK universities, we are committed to maintaining the best research and teaching standards.

Is York University a good university?
York University is ranked 301st in Shanghai Jiaotong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities with an overall score of 4.1 stars, and according to student reviews on Studyportals, is the best place to see how students rate their study and living experience at all universities around the world.

Is York University hard to get into?
Yes, getting into York University is not difficult. The application process is not very difficult, but make sure you get help from a tutor in York through UniRely. Does York University accept everyone? York University’s acceptance rate is about 27%.

How Much GPA Does York University Need?
At least 60 credits (equivalent to at least ten (10) full college courses) at an accredited university prior to admission with a cumulative grade point average of at least a C+ (5.0 on the York scale) and a B (6.0) average in the final 30 credits.

Why choose York University?
Choosing York means choosing from one of our two vibrant campuses with modern facilities and a multicultural environment. We provide you with a top-notch education, tailored student services, financial aid and an unmatched support system. We provide community and opportunities to connect with your academic peers.

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