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Fake VU certificate

What is the ranking of Pakistan Virtual University?
Ranked 159th in the Emerging Economies Rankings 2020, 149th in the Asia University Rankings 2020, and 150-200 in the World’s Top Young Universities 2020.

Are degrees from virtual universities valid?
The Pakistan Virtual University has a federal charter which enables its degrees to be recognised and accepted across the country and overseas.

Is Vu government or private?
Pakistan Virtual University (VU) is the first university in Pakistan fully based on modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT), under the Federal Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MoITT), Government of Pakistan, and aims to provide aspiring students with an extremely affordable world level education.

Which is better, Aiou or VU?
Overall Student Ratings Students from AIOU often find complaining that the AIOU system is slow. Sometimes AIOU books are not delivered on time. On the other hand, VU students are satisfied with the services and facilities provided by VU.

Are virtual universities accredited by the UGC?
Detailed solution. Tamil Virtual University, Chennai (Madras) Tamil Nadu is a UGC accredited university (the first virtual).

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