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Is the University of Strathclyde a good university?
This year, we were named Scottish University of the Year in The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2020. Alastair McCall, editor of The Sunday Times Good University Guide, said at the time of the award: “Known as a “useful place to study”, Strathclyde continues to position itself at the forefront.

Is University of Strathclyde difficult to get into?
The award for being the hardest to get into a university went to Strathclyde, which has higher enrolment rates than its more famous neighbour Glasgow. There must be something in the water for Scotland as Aberdeen makes the top 20 despite finishing 40th overall.

What is the University of Strathclyde known for?
Our 24 subject areas are ranked in the top 10 in the UK, with accounting and finance, forensic science and speech and language therapy all topping the list. THE Awards 2019 – British University of the Year again! The Times/Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021.

How to get into the University of Strathclyde?
Our current standard requirement is an overall 6.5 (no individual band falls below 5.5). Some courses have different standards. Get more information on these requirements. Check the entry requirements on the course pages or see our country pages to see the requirements in your country.

Is Strathclyde accredited?
Since 2004, Strathclyde Business School has been triple-accredited by the three major business school accrediting bodies – AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB. We are the first business school in Scotland to be triple accredited.

Why should I study at the University of Strathclyde?
We offer a flexible, innovative learning environment where students can enjoy a first-class teaching experience using state-of-the-art facilities. We are known for outstanding industrial internships, scholarships and study abroad opportunities. We are committed to producing graduates who are ready for the workplace.

What is the meaning of Strathclyde?
Strath Chluaidh (Srath Chluaidh [s̪t̪ɾa ˈxl̪ˠɯi] in Gaelic “Strath (Valley) of the River Clyde”) was established in 1975 under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 Created and established in 1996 by local governments etc.

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