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What GPA do you need to get into Michigan?
What is the GPA required to get into the University of Michigan? Applicants need very good grades to get into Michigan. The average high school GPA for the incoming freshman class at the University of Michigan was 3.82 on a 4.0 scale, indicating that mostly A- students were admitted and ended up attending.

Is the University of Michigan an Ivy League school?
Moll’s public Ivy League is made up of 15 schools, including the College of William and Mary, UC Berkeley, UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Michigan, UCLA and the University of Virginia.

What is the University of Michigan known for?
Excellence comes to mind—the University of Michigan is consistently ranked in the top 30 universities in the nation, and the Michigan Wolverines are one of the most high-profile sports in the country. Even Michigan’s location is top-notch, often ranking among the best college towns in the nation.

What GPA do I need to get into the University of Michigan?
Standard Course Entry Requirements
High school GPA 2.7. High school diploma or minimum (GED score of 170)

Does University of Michigan accept a 3.5 GPA?
admission criteria
Applicants with a cumulative grade point average between 2.5 and 3.5 will be considered based on the quality of academic preparation: number and type of college preparatory courses. Results showed a positive trend.

Why is the University of Michigan ranked so high?
In addition to its academic excellence, the University of Michigan is also known for its athletic programs. The Wolverines are actually one of the most successful college sports teams in the United States, having won multiple national championships in football, basketball, baseball, and other sports.

Is the University of Michigan a top university?
The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor ranks 25th among national universities in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges.

Can I get into UM with a 3.8 GPA?
(Most schools use a weighted GPA of 4.0, but some report an unweighted GPA. Michigan’s GPA of 3.88 requires you to be near the top of your class and well above average. You’ll want mostly A’s, preferably a few Take AP or IB courses to help demonstrate your readiness at the college level.

Can I get into Michigan with a SAT score of 1200?
To be considered for the Michigan Competitive Scholarship, students must have a minimum SAT score of 1200. Scores received by our office by June 30 of the high school graduation year are used to assess eligibility.

Which school is the easiest to get into at the University of Michigan?
University of Michigan Strategy:
Students often consider the College of Letters, Sciences, and Arts (LSA) to be more accessible than engineering programs.

What is the University of Michigan known for?
Most Popular Major
information Science. 1,087 graduates.
economics. 618 graduates.
Business. 610 graduates.
Research and Experimental Psychology. 363 graduates.
Physiological psychology. 334 graduates.
mechanical Engineering. 316 graduates.
communication. 272 graduates.
Political Science and Government. 272 graduates.

Is the University of Michigan an elite university?
The University of Michigan may be a state-funded public school, but it regularly ranks among the most respected private schools in the world, including Ivy League institutions such as Harvard and Yale.

How hard is it to get into the University of Michigan?
The University of Michigan acceptance rate is 22.9%.
For every 100 applicants, 23 are admitted. This means that schools are very selective.

Is University of Michigan hard to get into?
Getting admitted to the University of Michigan is a challenge, but it’s doable. Last year, only 26 percent of applicants were accepted. Of the 65,021 who applied, only 16,974 were accepted. Since the University of Michigan is selective, it is important to have a strong application ready when you apply.

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