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Is Punjab Central University good?
The university received an “A” level accreditation from the NAAC in its first accreditation cycle in 2016, and was ranked 95th, 87th, and 84th in the NIRF University category in 2019, 2020, and 2021, respectively. It is considered to have the highest research funding per capita.

Is UCP private or government?
Central Punjab University is a private university located in Lahore, Pakistan. The university’s current enrollment is 8,000. Central Punjab University is part of the Punjab University Group and was chartered by the Punjab Government in 2002.

Does UCP offer ACCA?
ACCA offers a first 9 dissertation exemption for graduates of UCP, BS (Hons) Accounting and Finance courses. This is the first degree offered by Central Punjab University in Pakistan to be exempted from ACCA (UK) 9 papers.

What courses does UCP offer?
According to graduate program
UCP Business School. BBA (Hons) – 4 years.
School of Accounting and Finance. BS Accounting and Finance – 4 years.
Department of Engineering. Bachelor of Science…
School of Information Technology. Bachelor’s degree 4 years.
College of Arts and Social Sciences.
School of Media and Communication Studies.
Department of Pharmacy.
Faculty of Science.

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