How to Get a Fake San Jose State University Degree

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Is San Jose State University famous?
These rankings come on the heels of SJSU being named the No. 1 most transformative university in the nation by Money. The university has also moved up 80 places from last year’s rankings and is ranked 24th on Money’s Best Colleges list.

What GPA does San Jose State require?
San Jose State University has a 3.52 GPA, which requires you to be average in your high school classes. You will need a mix of A and B, and very little C. If your GPA is low, you can make up for it by taking harder courses like AP or IB courses. This will help improve your weighted GPA and show your ability to take college courses.

Is SJSU a top school?
In regional rankings, SJSU is ranked 7th among public universities, 22nd overall, and 22nd among the best overall for regional universities in the West. U.S. News & World Report’s Western Region consists of 15 states.

What is San Jose State University known for?
San Jose State University is the No. 1 source of graduates in Silicon Valley for education, engineering, computer science and business.

Is it difficult to get into SJSU?
With an acceptance rate of 67%, the school is ranked 49th in the state for the lowest acceptance rate. Last year, out of 32,375 applicants, 21,810 were accepted, making San Jose State a competitive school with a good chance of admission if you meet the requirements.

Why is San Jose State University a good school?
Excellent university with a beautiful, historic campus. Many outstanding professors and many nationally recognized programs at SJSU. In addition, there are a large number of student organizations on campus. This school has lots of bright people, a strong core curriculum and good job prospects after graduation.

How to get a fake degree from SJSU?
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