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Is it difficult to get into the Royal Academy of Music?
The Royal Academy of Music’s acceptance rate is around 10%, making it difficult for the institution to get into. The Academy enrolls around 860 students each year and prepares them for 22 music disciplines. The Bachelor of Music is the most popular course offered at the undergraduate level at the Faculty.

Is the Royal Academy of Music better than the Royal Academy of Music?
The Royal Academy of Music is second only to the Juilliard School in New York. The UK performed well overall in the rankings, with the Royal Academy of Music of Scotland following closely behind the Royal Academy of Music.

What qualifications do I need to study music?
There are no formal education requirements for musicians interested in performing popular music, but musicians interested in performing classical and opera or music teaching generally require at least a bachelor’s degree.

How to get into the Royal Academy of Music?
Applications for most of our courses are made online through UCAS Conservatoires, where you can also track your application and accept your offer. We have audition venues in Asia and the US, making it easier for many of our international applicants to audition closer to home when possible.

Why do you want to study at the Royal Academy of Music?
It’s the friendly buzz of the place. What seems almost contagious is dedication, drive, and discipline. We strongly believe that everything our students do here makes a difference. At the Royal Academy of Music, you’ll learn how to carve your own path in a rapidly changing creative world.

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