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Are Canadian universities in Dubai good?
Canadian University of Dubai is ranked in the top 2% (601-650) globally and in the top 4 in the United Arab Emirates, according to the 2022 QS World University Rankings. The QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) ranking system is recognized as one of the most respected university rankings in the world.

Is Canadian University Dubai accredited in the UAE?
All our programmes are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education Affairs, UAE Ministry of Education through the Council for Academic Accreditation. According to the 2022 QS World University Rankings, we are ranked in the top 2% (601-650) of global universities and in the top 4 in the UAE.

Are Canadian universities in Dubai accredited in Canada?
The MBA at Canadian University in Dubai is globally recognised and will be accepted by Canadian universities offering the same disciplines as your Master’s programme.

Is it good to study in Dubai?
Part of the majority of higher education institutions in the UAE are located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, its two largest emirates. This makes both places excellent study destinations for students wishing to study here.

How to get an offer of admission to Canadian University in Dubai?
Holders pass (IBT) with a minimum score of 61 or (IELTS Academic) with a minimum score of 5 or (EmSAT Achieve- English) with a minimum score of 1100. Holder has passed EmSAT achievement – Math minimum of 500 or (SAT1-Math) minimum score of 450.

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