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Is an MBA worth it?
MBA programs often require expensive tuition and can be a significant expense, especially for recent college graduates. Most MBA graduates believe the degree is worthwhile and can lead to higher-quality jobs and higher-paying jobs.

Does ETSU have good business programs?
Our MBA program is fully accredited by the Association of American Colleges of Business (AACSB), the world’s highest accrediting body for business education—an accreditation earned by only the top 5% of business schools worldwide.

What is the difference between MBA and Master of Business Administration?
MBA vs. Master’s: What’s the Difference?
Technically, a master’s degree in any field of business administration is an MBA. After all, the abbreviation stands for Master of Business Administration. In some countries, this can lead to confusion.

Is it difficult to get an MBA?
Students should be realistic and have these discussions before starting the course. Earning an MBA will be difficult; however, Beaver says it should be an experience that challenges you to take risks in your pursuit of higher education.

Is East Tennessee State University a d1 school?
The university is a member of NCAA Division 1 in all sports except football, which is Division 1-AA. Men’s sports include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, tennis and track and field. Women’s sports include basketball, cross country, golf, tennis, track and field, and volleyball.

What is East Tennessee State University known for?
East Tennessee State University is the only school in the world that offers a master’s degree in storytelling. The university’s Center for Appalachian Studies and Service focuses on the Appalachian region and includes bluegrass and country music courses as well as bachelor’s degree programs.

What GPA is required to get into ETSU?
East Tennessee State University has a GPA of 3.4, which requires you to be average for your high school class. You want a mix of A and B, and very little C. If your GPA is lower, you can make up for it by taking more difficult classes like AP or IB classes.

Is it difficult to get into East Tennessee State University?
East Tennessee State University’s acceptance rate is 85%. Half of the applicants who were admitted to East Tennessee State University and submitted test scores had an SAT score between 980 and 1190 or an ACT score between 19 and 26.

Is ETSU a liberal arts school?
ETSU’s General Education program provides a general education that includes 41 – 42 semester hours of courses across the university that address the general education goals of critical and creative thinking, effective communication, lifelong learning, conflict resolution, problem solving, and comprehension and understanding .

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