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Is Cambridge an IGCSE?
The exams are developed by Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), which is part of Cambridge Assessment and also includes the OCR GCSE exam board. As of January 2021, there are more than 70 subjects to choose from, which schools can offer in any combination.

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IGCSE fake degree certificate sample

Will there be IGCSE exams in Cambridge in 2021?
Cambridge will run the June 2021 series of exams in all countries as planned and as permitted by national or regional authorities. In countries where exams are not held, Cambridge will shift from exams to teacher assessment. This approach will apply to all schools in these countries.

Is Cambridge IGCSE the same as GCSE?
The Cambridge IGCSE was developed for the internationally accepted GCSE examination, and the academic requirements and standards of the Cambridge IGCSE are comparable to those of the UK GCSE. While Cambridge IGCSE exams are tailored for multicultural, multilingual audiences, UK GCSE exams are not.

What are the benefits of studying at IGCSE?
IGCSE promotes learning through exploration and real-life connections, where inquiry plays a central role. The course encourages students to investigate a variety of issues and to ask questions and analyses that contribute to further understanding of the world.

What are the 5 subjects at IGCSE?
Cambridge IGCSE subjects are divided into five curriculum areas:
Group 1: Language.
Group II: Humanities and Social Sciences.
Group 3: Science.
Group 4: Mathematics.
Group 5: Professional and creative.

How many subjects are there at Cambridge IGCSE?
Cambridge IGCSE offers over 70 subjects, including 30 languages, which schools can offer in any combination.

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