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Fake Cornell University transcripts

What is Cornell University known for?
Cornell University awarded the world’s first degree in journalism, the nation’s first degree in veterinary medicine, and the first doctorate in electrical and industrial engineering. Cornell University was the first university in the United States to offer a major in American studies.

What is Cornell University’s GPA?
Most students admitted to Cornell have an unweighted GPA of 4.07 or above. You might be thinking, “How could a student’s GPA exceed a 4.0?” Some high schools grade advanced courses like AP differently, using a 5.0 scale instead of a 4.0 scale. Let’s talk about the average GPA at Cornell University.

Is Cornell University an Ivy League school?
Cornell University: Ivy League school, beautiful campus. With 14 prestigious schools and colleges, Cornell is the most educationally diverse university in the Ivy League and one of the most elite colleges in the world.

Is Cornell hard to get in?
What you need for admission to Cornell University. Cornell University’s acceptance rate of 10.6% is one of the highest in the Ivy League. While this does make it easier for Cornell to get admitted, Cornell’s acceptance rate is still highly selective. In fall 2019, only 5,183 of 49,118 applications were accepted.

What are the best courses at Cornell University?
Some of the most popular courses at Cornell University past and present
PSYCH 1101: Introduction to Psychology.
SEA 3660: Introduction to Oceanography.
HD 3620: Human Bonding.
PLPA 2010: Magic mushrooms, naughty molds.
HADN 4300: Introduction to Wine.

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