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Is BPP a real university?
BPP University is a private university in the United Kingdom.

What university does BPP stand for?
BPP University takes its name from the initials of Alan Brierley, Richard Price and Charles Prior, who founded a college in 1976 to provide exam training for accounting students. However, the modern and complete form of BPP is Business Professional People.

Is BPP a good university?
With an overall score of 4.1 stars based on student reviews on Studyportals, BPP University is the best place to see how students rate their study and living experience at universities around the world.

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Why do you want to study at BPP?
Why choose BPP University? The University effectively assists with the visa and work permit process. All degrees have at least one professional body qualification or exemption, such as ACCA, CMI, CIMA, ICAEW.

Why did you choose to study at BPP?
BPP is committed to preparing students for careers through a strong business approach. Studying there can help you excel in the workplace after graduation. BPP’s courses are designed in collaboration with employers and respected professionals in the fields of law, business, finance and health.

Is BPP University good for international students?
Its Business School in the City of London and the London School of Law in Holborn mean BPP is an attractive proposition for international students. It has branches in most major UK cities and caters for students of all budget levels and lifestyle requirements.

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